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Following are project and construction milestones for the development of the Latin America Resource and Training Center in order from newest to oldest.

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LARTC - Artist's rendition

July 2019 Construction Update (PDF)


$150,000 - Phase Three Atrium... concrete floor, back and side walls with stucco, back glass panels (windows), decorative columns with stucco, front “wall” windows and glass doors, concrete floor, bridge/ mezzanine structure and concrete floor and tile, electrical, plumbing, interior doors, lighting, air conditioning, etc. 

$50,000 - Phase Two Commercial Kitchen... Appliances, islands, cabinets, counters, pantry shelving.

$75,000 - Phase Four Training/Admin Building Addition... outside block and stucco, first and second story concrete floor and tile, windows, electrical, plumbing, interior sheetrock walls, interior doors.

$75,000 - Outside work... Building façade, soffits, paint, perimeter security wall, front entrance/gate/guardhouse, roads, parking, lighting, landscaping.

April through June 2019 Construction Update.  Please visit LARTC Now Has a Commercial Kitchen!  And Other Construction New for a complete report.  Work completed:

  • Commercial Kitchen.  Gas installed.  Hood/Extracters installed.  Commercial Appliances purchased and delivered.  Cabinet materials purchased.
  • Atrium.  Perimeter walls completed and stuccoed.  Floor poured and topping layer completed.  Floor and column tile purchased.  Front columns built and tiled.  Mezzanine and stair structure built and concrete floor poured.  Windows and glass doors purchased.
  • Phase 4 Training Addition.  Columns and beams installed.  Roof installed.  First floor perimeter wall completed.  Gutters, downspouts and drainage installed.
  • Misc. Outside Work.  Perimeter security wall extended by 100 feet.

March 2019 Construction Update.  Work completed:

  • 13 New Guestrooms Finished! This gives us a total of 23 versatile guestrooms (2 or 3 single beds or a king bed)
  • Final electrical, plumbing and Internet… Split A/C units installed in all areas, circulating hot water system enabled, Six Wi-Fi access points installed.
  • Furnishings purchased… Freestanding closets, beds/mattresses, linens, nightstands/tables, desks and chairs, table lamps. In addition, sofas, chairs and kitchenettes for the two new suites with a refrigerator and microwave.
  • Laundry and guest laundry completed… Washer/Dryer set for staff and Washer/Dryer stack set for guest laundry.
  • Tables and chairs purchased... 100 additional chairs and 6 round tables.
  • Atrium perimeter construction begun… solid panels on back wall (to be stuccoed), front posts (used for decorative columns).
  • Road and front parking area reconditioned.

Next for March through June:

  1. Phase Four addition behind the Training/Administration building… Install columns, crossbeams and roof. In April, the Eastridge Church (Issaquah) MAPS Team will be laying the first floor block!
  2. Complete Atrium perimeter… block, stucco, glass panels, windows and doors.
  3. Additional Atrium work… floor, stairs, bridge/mezzanine, electrical, plumbing.
  4. Commercial Kitchen in Phase Two housing building... Commercial appliances - refrigerator, freezer, cooktop, grill, ovens, frier, hood, dishwasher, etc.  Cabinets, island, counter tops, sinks and pantry shelving.
  5. Entrance and perimeter wall... Front decorative wall, gate, guardhouse and approximately 200 yards of perimeter wall.

LARTC - Construction Progress

December 2018 Construction Phases and Progress

1 - Training/Admin/Production, 9,200 sq ft (2016-17) 100% COMPLETE!

2 - Housing/Kitchen, 15,200 sq ft (2017-18) 80% COMPLETE!

3 - Atrium: Reception/Auditorium/Dining, 5,700 sq ft (2018-19)

4 - Training/Admin Addition, 5,200 sq ft (2019-20)

5 - Staff Housing, 4,200 sq ft (2020-21)

DECEMBER 2018... LARTC Update: Finishing Well

LARTC 2018LARTC 2018
LARTC 2018LARTC 2018

MAY 2018
May 2018

LARTC - Jan 2017
LARTC - Nov 2017
March 2018Bakersfield (CA) First Assembly will send a building and medical team to begin work on the Phase Three Atrium building blocking and will provide a health clinic for the area.

Fall 2017. 
Grove Church (Marysville, WA - October) and Eastridge Christian Assembly (Issaquah, WA - November) will send building teams to work on laying block on the second floor of the housing building.

June 2017. 
Calvary Christian Assembly (Seattle).  A small group run electrical and data/phone wire for the 10 guest rooms and install the drop ceiling framework.

April - June 2017. 
Work continues on the housing building.  Expecting to finish all 10 guestrooms on first floor by July 31st!.

March - April 2017
.  Portland Christian Center (Oregon) returns for two weeks of work from March 28 through April 8th, completing nearly 2/3 of the first floor block work.

March 9, 2017 - Dedication of Building One

February 20, 2017 - Move-in Day!

February 2017. 
Second floor... Floor tile and suspended ceilings finished.  Electrical and data wiring finished.  Lights installed.  Doors hung and locks installed.  Windows arrived late, but installed.  Kitchenette, workroom cabinets and bathroom vanity purchased and installed.  Plumbing fixtures installed.  Air conditioners purchased and installed.

First floor... Floor tile and suspended ceiling installed.  Lights installed.  Kitchen cabinets purchased and in process.  Air conditioners purchased and installed.  Priority areas are production and library.

January 2017. 
Phase 2 Housing Building column footings and foundation work begun.

December 2016 -
January 2017.
Electrical finished on second floor and electrical permitted issued and connected to grid!  Final finish work in progress on second floor anticipating end of January move.

September-November 2016.   Electrical main run from road, transformer purchased; Second-story blocking finished; Wire building; finish plumbing; Install septic system; stucco inside and outside; Floor tile; drop ceilings; doors and windows; paint; furnishings, etc.

July-August 2016.  Stone Church (Yakima, WA) MAPS Team blocks 40% of the second floor perimeter wall. First-story floor poured; final side wall blocked; stairwell blocked.

March-April 2016. 
First-floor bondbeams are finished, second-story floor is poured, stairwell is built and roof trusses and roofing sheets installed.  Portland (OR) Christian Center Maps Team arrives.  They will focus on laying block on the second floor.

February 2016. 
Phase one building foundations completed, 15 I-beam columns erected, main crossbeams are placed, second-story flooring crossbeams are welded into place and metal deck is installed.  Lincolnton GA First Assembly MAPS Team arrives to launch construction.  Team completes 75% of first-floor blocking.

January 2016
Most excavation and land movement is completed.  Foundation work begins on the phase one building.  Phase one building is a two-story 10,000 square foot structure for classrooms, library, bathrooms, production and office/administration.

December 2015. 
Two-acre property is cleared and a new topographical survey is completed.  Architect Dennis Baty delivers design plans.

October 2015. 
Twin-culvert bridge is built to cross the creek and road is extended 100 yards to the base of the building site.  Water main is extended along roadway.

August 2015
Northern Corredor highway extension opens with a full four-way access intersection just 600 yards from the LARTC entrance, providing quick travel to Panama City (15 minutes) and the Tocumen International Airport (12 minutes).

September 2014. 
Road entrance and 100-yard road are finished up to the creek.  Water main is extended along roadway.

LARTC May 2014 Site Plan

September 2013.  Preliminary topographical survey is completed and Missionary Associate Randy Forsyth begins LARTC site plan design.

LARTC Property

October 2012.  The General Presbytery of the Assemblies of God approves the designation of the General Council owned Rana de Oro property near Pedregal for  construction of the LARTC.
What a Difference Two Years Have Made! (12-2017)

LARTC Construction Update - Sept. 16, 2017

LARTC Construction Update - Aug. 26, 2017

July 1, 2017 Housing Building Construction Walkthrough Video

Calvary Christian Assembly
Calvary Christian Assembly (June 2017)

Portland Christian Center
Portland Christian Center
(Mar-Apr 2017)

Feb. 4,2017 Construction Update Video on Vimeo

Jan. 14, 2017 Construction Update Video on Vimeo

See Fall 2016 Construction Photos

Stone Church, Yakima, WA MAPS Team
Yakima Stone Church
(June 2016)

Portland OR Christian Center MAPS Team
Portland Christian Center
(Mar-Apr 2016)

Lincolnton GA MAPS Team - Feb. 2016
Lincolnton GA MAPS Team
Timelapse Construction Video
(Feb. 2016)

LARTC - Feb. 2, 2016 Property Tour
Feb. 2, 2016 Property Video Tour

LARTC - Rod standing on the "bridge"
Dec. 2015 Video Update - "Bridge", Road and Property

LARTC - Entrance and Road Construction - July-August 2014
Entrance and Road Construction Slideshow (Sept. 2014)