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Rod and Sherry Boyd

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Panama City, PANAMA


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The Right Property in the Right Place for Training Ministry

Search.  Property is very expensive in Panama City, especially near the Tocumen International Airport, the preferred location to best serve the international community.  We began searching for property several years ago.  We had located a very nice piece of property in the Villalobos area.  We took our National Superintendent Lowell David to visit the property.  He had some hesitations and asked if he could show us a piece of property nearby that was owned by the national church. 

Provision.  The front of the property is the home to a radio antena of our largest church in Panama.  The property has a narrow frontage on the main road but becomes in the back.  We met with the Panama's Assemblies of God General Presbytery a few weeks later and expressed our interest in the property.  The decision was unanimous to approve the project on the property.

Challenges.  During the next several months plans were formed for use of the property.  Even though site preparation costs would be more, hundreds of thousands of dollars were saved because property did not need to be purchased.  We truly believe that it is by God's favor this property is a miracle.

Location.  The LARTC property is located in the Rana de Oro community, near Pedregal.  Two of our larger LACC schools - Getsemani and Jehova Jireh - are located in Pedregal, just one and two miles resepctively from the property.  Up until mid-2015, access to the property was difficult because limited and inadequate roads.  However, the northern corredor highway extension has opened that includes a full, four-way intersection just 600 yards from the entrance to the LARTC property on Rana de Oro road to the intersection.  The new highway provides quick travel from the LARTC to Panama City (15 minutes) and the Tocumen International Airport (12 minutes).  Currently, Rana de Oro has a rural feel.  However, this will change with the new highway.

LARTC Property
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LARTC Property Location
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LARTC and Northern Corredor Highway
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LARTC and the Tocumen International Airport Area
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